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New Functionality, “Profit Center (Beta)” Notification


Thank you very much for using WIXI.


We would like to announce that we have added new functionality called “Profit Center (Beta)” to our domain parking service.






This functionality allows you to immediately get an understanding of how much actual profit in Japanese yen you are making on each domain you have parked with us. The system calculates your domain parking profit using your actual domain cost.



Below is some explanation of each page.


▼ Domain Level

You can see profit in Japanese yen for each domain under “365 Day Profit”. Other data is also available on this page.

  • 【30 Day Rev】⇨ Parking revenue of last 30 days
  • 【365 Day Rev】⇨ Parking revenue of last 365 days   
  • 【Cost】 ⇨  The cost you added through the “Cost Setting” page (Default amounts are displayed if you haven’t set your cost yet)
  • 【365 Day Profit】⇨ Profit for 365 days calculated with your cost
  • 【Est Yearly PV】⇨ Estimated yearly PV calculated based on recent performance   
  • 【Est Yearly Rev】⇨ Estimated yearly revenue calculated based on recent performance


▼ Cost Setting

Please add your own domain cost on this page. We will use your cost to calculate your domain profit.

  • 【My Cost/Year】⇨ Your cost (annual domain registration fee) should be inputted here
  • 【Default Cost】⇨ Default amount set in the system



Knowing domain level profit is a key indicator for knowing which domains you should be renewing and which you should be letting expire.

Please try the new functionality and let us know if you have any questions or feedback.



published 1 year 9 months ago

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