Domain Sales Process

Listing your domains on our site is free!

There are two listing types:

Fix price
Make offer

Fixed price

Fixed price is where you know the amount you want to sell your domain for. If someone comes to the site, they can immediately check the domain and buy it at your fixed price.

Make offer

Through extensive research and experience it is found that setting a price boosts your ability to sell domains. For this reason we require a price when you list a domain for sale. Our system allows potential buyers to make comments and send personal notes when they inquire about purchasing a domain. For this reason, if you really want people to make an offer, we suggest you set a price at a level higher than you would be willing to accept and let users make offers on your domain.


In either case, WIXI acts as the in-between payment agent

to ensure safe ownership and funds transfer.

1. WIXI has domain buyers and sellers from around the world. Our site is bilingual so you can maximize the opportunity for exposure in the international market.
2. WIXI assists in the process to ensure proper fund and domain transfer between buyer and seller. We eliminate confusion, difficulty and any potential risk.
This is why buying and selling domains at WIXI is a safe, smooth and secure process.

Here is an example of a typical transaction.

A. Buyer checks out domain in WIXI shopping cart after selecting a fixed price domain or after finishing negotiations with a seller.
B. Buyer makes domain payment to WIXI
C. Seller approves domain transfer request to release domain to buyer
D. WIXI and buyer confirm that buyer has control of domain
E. WIXI transfers funds to Seller

" Sale completed "