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WIXI, Inc.


Suo Heights 3C
Akasaka 6-18-4
Minato-ku, Tokyo


CEO/President : Darshaun Nadeau

Darshaun Nadeau is actively involved in the international domain community. He also sits on the board of the Domain Name Business Association in Japan and previously held the vice-board position on the Japan Internet Providers Association. He is one of the first non-Japanese to be integrally involved in the Japanese domain space, and among the early pioneers of the Japanese domain market in general.

Darshaun majored in Japanese language studies at San Francisco State University and also completed 2 years of Japanese language studies in Japan at Tokyo International University and Kyoto University of Foreign Studies.

Darshaun founded Solis in 2001, which became both ICANN and JPRS accredited. His company became a certified JPNIC member in 1999, then was closely involved at the time of the JPNIC/JPRS transition in 2001. Solis was later acquired by Japan's largest domain and hosting company, GMO Internet in 2005.

Outside of business, Darshaun is an outdoor enthusiast and adventurer. He sailed his boat across the Pacific Ocean in 2008, climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro, and has climbed in the Himalayas. He also enjoys surfing, kayaking, skiing, cycling and many other sports which have taken him to more that 40 countries in his travels around the world.

Director : Stephen A Karnas Jr

Steve is a veteran of the domain industry.  He joined in New York City in 2000 and worked closely with its management team in the area of strategic corporate development.

In 2002, Steve joined Darshaun to work with him at Solis Corporation, eventually becoming Chief Operating Officer and running the daily operations of the company.  After Solis was acquired by GMO Internet in 2005, Steve stayed on for 3 years to run Solis as an internal team within GMO.

Before joining the domain business in 2000, Steve worked with Putnam Investments, an asset management company in Boston, in their Corporate Development group.  Before that he was with Strategic Management Group, a management and financial consultancy in Philadelphia.

Steve earned his BS in Finance from Georgetown University in Washington, DC, and completed a program in European business studies at Brasenose College, Oxford University in Oxford, England.

Director : Jeffrey Char

C. Jeffrey Char is a serial entrepreneur and president of J-Seed Ventures, Inc., a Tokyo-based venture incubator.  He serves on the boards of several companies including, mashmatrix, a pioneer in cloud-based enterprise mash-up solutions for on-demand data visualization, and Zenlok, an e-mail encryption solution provider.  Jeff's past successes include Sozon, an online marketing company sold to ValueCommerce, Solis, a domain registrar sold to GMO Internet, SSK Technology, an electronics component company sold to Suzuki Manufacturing, and Pario Software, a network security company sold to Lucent Technologies.  Mr. Char’s experience with start-up companies also includes earlier careers as a corporate attorney, venture capitalist and investment banker.

Mr. Char studied economics at Sophia University in Tokyo and law at the University of California, Berkeley and Harvard Law School

Corporate establishment:



10 Million Japanese Yen

  • Domain Parking
  • Drop catch
  • ICANN Accreditation Consulting